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Color Cross

Puzzler now playable for free on Facebook.

LYON, FRANCE – 11 JUNE 2010 – Little Worlds Studio, a family-oriented game developer, today announced that it is bringing its critically-acclaimed Color Cross to Facebook with an online version called Color Cross Online. Whether you like to challenge your grey matter, play against the entire planet, or simply relax, Color Cross Online is the game for you! This complete and original version is suitable for all ages. Fans of puzzle games, Sudoku or anyone who likes to use their brain will love Color Cross Online on Facebook. The game is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Color Cross Online is available here for free: . Users just need to connect to their Facebook account or to create one from scratch.

Get hooked on colorful puzzles

Color Cross Online is an accessible and addictive puzzle game both for casual players and puzzle fans. The aim of the game is to reconstruct a hidden image in the grid. You just need to fill in each square with the right color by deducting it from the numbers in the grid.

Don’t worry because Enzo, your virtual guide, is always around to help you and explain the rules of the game in less than a minute.

Color Cross Online: Key features

Color Cross Online offers various game modes and is a fun game for everyone, whether you want to relax, challenge other players or test your performance:

- Grid of the Day: Play a unique puzzle on a daily basis to pit your strength against other players. The fastest players earn Kokos - the game’s virtual currency - and the best 10 players of the day get to stand on the podium!

- Treasure hunt: Look for treasures hidden in a huge grid filled with lots of bonuses including Kokos and the “Treasure” itself which is worth thousands of Kokos. Everyone plays, wins, loses, and discovers the map’s squares at the same time, but only the most persistent or the luckiest ones will find the best rewards including the Treasure!

- Classic mode: Play at your own pace the original game which has already won over thousands of players on Nintendo DS, iPhone, and PC. Packs of grids are classified per them; in each grid gamers will discover a beautiful pixel art image. Eighteen themes are available: animals, decoration, fashion, magic, science fiction, etc. There are already over 200 available grids!

- Arcade mode for players who like challenges. Play 10 grids -- one after the other -- before time runs out to pass the levels. Will you be able to get as far as level 200?

- Against the clock: Solve as many grids as possible within the given time limit. Enjoy a frantic pace to rank among the best Facebook players.

Want to be the Kokos master?

Color Cross Online has its own in-game virtual currency: Kokos. You start with a few Kokos but playing the Treasure hunt will help you to get more and more, the Grid of the day or Arcade mode. With your Kokos you can buy new packs of grids for Classic mode, bonuses to solve the grids or Zig heads to customize your appearance. If you want even more Kokos you can buy them through an online reload system via SMS, Allopass, credit card, or Paypal.

Follow your friends’ scores

You can now share your passion with your Facebook friends. The game displays the list of friends who are currently playing and gives you their game statistics. You can also post your score on your Facebook wall or invite your friends to discover Color Cross Online. Pit your strength against the entire planet comparing your scores thanks to the worldwide, daily, weekly or monthly ranking.

Color Cross Online is rated “E” by the Entertainment Software Review Board.

Color Cross Online is rated +3 by the PEGI and +4 by the USK.

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About Little Worlds Studio

Little Worlds Studio is an independent videogames developer created in 2004. Our objective is to make games for the mass market. The studio has developed more than 90 games on Facebook, PC, Nintendo DS, Web, DVD and iPhone. We are also official Wii, Xbox360, PS3 and PSP developers who are proud of our games based on worldwide famous licenses such as Tomb Raider, Tiger Woods, Dora the Explorer, Scooby Doo, Asterix, For Dummies, distributed by Atari, Ubisoft, Orange and Warner.

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