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Codewarrior named as official DS dev suite

Austin, Texas based development tools provider Metrowerks has announced an agreement with Nintendo which will see the company providing the official development suite for the forthcoming Nintendo DS console.

Under the terms of the deal, the companies have begun distributing the CodeWarrior Development Studio for Nintendo DS, which has been specifically designed to meet the challenges presented by the DS' unique hardware.

"Metrowerks has earned a worldwide reputation for offering high quality software development tools," according to Nintendo's research and engineering manager Satoru Okada. "The tools included in CodeWarrior Development Studio for Nintendo DS are no exception, and will allow game developers to create excuting titles that take advantage of the unique features found in the Nintendo DS."

CodeWarrior kits for the DS have already been sent to over 100 companies worldwide, according to a statement issued by Metrowerks today.

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