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Codename: Panzers Phase II - CDV Release Content Update


Available today, the update to the award winning WWII RTS can be found at the official Codename: Panzers website or by accessing the following

It brings the retail game to version 1.06, and includes the following updates, fixes and content.

New features / general enhancements include:

  • The much anticipated cooperative mode is now available for single-player missions, allowing players to work with each other rather than just to fight against each other in multi-player mode. Note: missions must first be completed in single-player mode before they are "unlocked" or available for cooperative play.
  • Unit limits have been placed on maps to help reduce lag in online multiplayer
  • Players can transfer units to each other in multiplayer and cooperative modes
  • Maps download more quickly

New maps include:

  • One new multiplayer Team Match map (supports up to four players)
  • Four new eight-player Domination maps
  • One new six-player Domination map
  • One new four-player Domination map
  • One new multiplayer Mission map (supports up to four players)

General enhancements include:

  • "Test in Game" button works in the mission editor

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