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Codemasters confirms Second Sight deal

Britsoft company Codemasters has confirmed that it will publish Free Radical Design's ambitious psychic action game Second Sight on PS2, Xbox and Cube later this year, with the game set to beunveiled properly at E3 next week on Codemasters' stand.

Although Free Radical is best known for its work on the TimeSplitters series (having compiled itself from the remnants of the Rare team that made GoldenEye), Second Sight is a very different sort of title for the UK developer, which focuses on the enigmatic John Vattic's attempts to escape from a US medical facility where he's been the victim of all sorts of horrible experimentation, as he's haunted by flashbacks which are experienced as fully playable episodes - an unusual but very welcome narrative style for a game like this.

The player's adventure will see Vattic unearthing various psychic abilities lying dormant within him, giving him the opportunity to heal himself, project his spirit outside his body to possess others, charm enemies with some sort of Jedi Mind Trick equivalent, and produce a psychic shockwave that topples them completely. Failing that, he can always fall back on various weapons including pistols and a sniper rifle.

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