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Code D

Details on the first character class: the Assassin.

August 12 --- It's not a secret that we are going to have sexy assassins in our free-to-play MMO, Code D. But did you realize that the hot assassin with brown tight suit and veil is going to be a character you’ll actually control? Indeed!

Meet the Assassin!

Assassin: Nimble Knight Errant

Assassins attack enemies in a swift and accurate way. They are nimble and great-hearted. Even when enemies launch a quick attack, assassins can easily dodge it. In the battlefield, they have the ability to hamper their opponents, which makes them a valuable part of the adventure team.

Mostly used weapon: Dagger

Talents: Boost attack, use poison

No doubt that we will have a handsome agile assassin for male players to choose as well. But even for the male assassins, the veil still keeps them in mystery. Where are they from? What do they want? You are going to find out yourself in our upcoming game. Enjoy our first unveiled class of Code D with the latest original artwork - Assassin!

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Ever Dream Studio was founded in 2008 as a small independent studio which expanded into a much bigger one in 2009. We are a global team consisted of 30-plus staff and we specialize in Massively Multiplayer Online Game development. 

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