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Coconut Dodge

Help the poor crustacean from coconut doom.

Coconut Dodge is an insanely addicting puzzle game from independent developer FuturLab, where your objective is to help Clawrence the Crab rank up a massive score by collecting valuable gems, and avoiding the blizzard of falling coconuts.

Despite its simplistic visual appearance, Coconut Dodge has already impressed the PlayStation community, and ranked up incredible reviews with its addicting gameplay, intuitive controls, and seemingly endless hours of fun throughout its 30 levels. Initial stages of the game are easy enough to complete, but the pace is quickly increased, and it will not take long before you find yourself in a crab load of trouble! The premise is simple: avoid the coconuts, collect everything else. Collecting gold tokens give you 100 points, diamonds 400 points, rubies 800 points, and gold bars are worth an astonishing 1000 points.

Power-Ups are an important part of the game: On occasion a beach ball labeled with a number will fall from the sky, and if you successfully manage to prevent the ball from impacting with the ground as it bounces around the screen (and with each bounce the number decreases), you unlock a reward that ranges from extra points to temporarily slowing down the coconuts.

Coconut Dodge features two modes of play. The default mode is ideal for casual players interested in a quick and fun “game-on-the-go”; the Maze Master mode is primarily targeted at the hardcore audience willing to explore each level to its fullest by applying strategy, wits, and perseverance on a quest to reach a specific number of points before the end of each level. In this mode there is a specific pattern of movement that can be memorized and mastered with enough experience and quick thinking, and this is where Coconut Dodge really excels: beneath its visually simple façade is a hard nut to crack as the game is loaded with addicting and varied gameplay. The in-game tutorial is highly recommended to all audiences as it explains the various Power-Ups and their use within the game.

Journalists interested in review code for Coconut Dodge are encouraged to send an email to It should be noted that at the time of this writing Coconut Dodge is rated first place in the European minis category on the PlayStation Store for PSP & PS3 ( and is scheduled for release in the North American store soon.

Additional information is available by visiting the developer website at: A dedicated Coconut Dodge website can be found here:

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