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Coca-Cola themed downloads released for Wipeout Pure

From August 11th, Japanese WipEout Pure owners will be able to engage in a curious piece of Coca-Cola-related product placement by grabbing some free downloadable content for the PSP game from the Cokestyle website.

Several downloads will be made available for the title, apparently adding various Coke-themed vehicles and assorted items to the game.

This is the first time that the downloadable content systems on the PlayStation Portable have been used in this way, and represent an interesting new in-game advertising possibility for both the handheld and forthcoming home consoles, which will sport content downloading abilities.

For now, however, the Wipeout promotion is for Japan only, and no details of American or European equivalents have been announced.

WipEout Pure is released in Europe alongside the PSP console on September 1st.

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