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CMP Game Group announces China Games Summit

The CMP Game Group, responsible for a number of industry events including the Game Developers Conference, has announced the introduction of a new China Games Summit.

Developers, publishers and industry professionals from China and around the globe are expected to head to the Shanghai Hilton today for the one-day China Games Summit event.

The summit, which has been set up by Game Developers Conference organisers The CMP Game Group, will feature panel discussions with Microsoft, Shanda, Ubisoft Shanghai, The 9 and Factor5. The focus will be on key global trends and the associated obstacles and issues prevalent in game development, and ways in which such issues can be addressed and resolved.

Conference director Jamil Moledina commented: "With the strength of local online PC gaming as well as its outsourcing talent, Chinese game development offers a unique set of opportunities, while experiencing common challenges. The China Game Summit will address the production and creative issues that both Chinese and global developers are faced with and how the industry can move forward and adapt while improving the quality of the titles."

The CMP Game Group has also begun preparations for launching the Game Developers Conference in Asia in late 2006, an event which is designed to strengthen links between the East and West and consolidate ideas and inspiration for the global gaming development community.

CMP has successfully organised its GDC event in the US for many years, and recently hosted the fifth annual GDC in Europe.