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CMJ Play

Speakers from the music and gaming industries lined up for event tomorrow in New York City.


Hosted by CMJ Music Marathon in association with  the Music Video Game Research Project, NYU Steinhardt

NEW YORK October 18, 2010 -- Industry leaders from the worlds of gaming and music from across the USA will gather in New York City for CMJ Play at CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival on Wednesday, October 20, 2010 to be held in New York University's Helen and Martin Kimmel Center for University Life, in the Richard L. Rosenthal Pavilion.  

As the first targeted summit of its kind, CMJ Play will be the primary venue for cross-pollination between the vibrant cultural forces of music and gaming. In the prime environment of CMJ Music Marathon with over 1,200 artists and thousands of industry present, CMJ Play will be the place to be for those on the forefront of the music industry's new frontier.

The summit will feature a broad array of presenters and panelists from the music, technology and gaming sectors including:

ANDIE SIMON - Senior VP for Strategic Marketing at Warner Brothers Records

TOM SALTA - Music Composer


STEPHEN STERNSCHEIN - Founder - Heard Games | Artist Manager | Entertainment Attorney

MATT NORDHAUS - Harmonix Music Systems Sr. Producer / 

JOHN DRAKE - Harmonix Rock Band Network Program Manager

STEVE HOROWITZ - Composer/ Producer/President; The Code International Inc.

DAVE HNATIUK - Exec. Music Producer / Music Supervisor; Co-Author of "Music Supervision"

GABE LIBERTI - Audio Engineer, Documentarian, 2 Player Productions, Ltd.

PETER BERKMAN - Anamanaguchi

and FRANK LANTZ - NYU Game Center - Interim Director

CMJ Play is open to all CMJ Marathon badge holders and a specially priced CMJ Play Pass for the one-day event can also be purchased. The CMJ Play Pass includes admission to CMJ Play, the Exhibitors' Loft & Lounge and evening showcases on October 20.

With video game sales outpacing those of the recorded music and film industries, combined with the explosive growth of the mobile app business, the time has never been more critical for creators, entrepreneurs and firms from the music and interactive media sectors to work together to forge mutually beneficial commercial and artistic opportunities for independent and established artists. Millions of young fans discover and engage with the music and musicians they love via games, whether through the Rock Band Network, promotional mobile games for individual artists, sync licenses or original soundtracks.



Music and video games share a long history, but it is only recently that the two businesses have found shared profits in interactive media. Acclaimed game music composer Tom Salta will talk about his experiences in both industries, then will join CMJ Play curator Sam Howard-Spink in a discussion of the expanding field of opportunities where music creators and game developers meet.

11:00-11:15: Welcome and introduction to CMJ Play by Sam Howard-Spink, Clinical Assistant Professor of Music Business at NYU.

11:15-11:30: Tom Salta shares insights into the burgeoning music video game business, and discusses how composing for games differs from writing scores for film and TV.

11:30-12:00: Sam Howard-Spink and Tom Salta outline the major features of the nexus of music and gaming, and how all kinds of artists can locate beneficial opportunities.


Sam Howard-Spink (Clinical Assistant Professor of Music Business - NYU / CMJ Play Curator) & Tom Salta (Music Composer)


"Triple A" game titles for the Xbox, PS3 and Wii are played by tens of millions of engaged media consumers, and they all contain music, from original orchestral scores to songs licensed to rhythm-action games and experimental "generative" works. Paying special attention to opportunities offered to independent artists by Harmonix's Rock Band Network, this session will explore how all music and game creators are in a position to benefit from this expanding industry.

12:30-12:45: Welcome to Console Gaming

Sam Howard-Spink introduces the contemporary landscape in console gaming and the afternoon session's speakers.

12:45-2:00: Inside Harmonix and Rock Band

Harmonix Music Systems Sr. Producer, Matt Nordhaus and Harmonix Music Systems Rock Band Network Program Manager, John Drake share details about the planning, execution, and growth of their company's unique music distribution system, with advice on how you can get involved.

Later, Sam Howard-Spink joins in the discussion, with time allotted for audience questions.

Panelists: John Drake (Harmonix Rock Band Network Program Manager), Sam Howard-Spink (Clinical Assistant Professor of Music Business - NYU / CMJ Play Curator), Matt Nordhaus (Harmonix Music Systems Sr. Producer).


Mobility and interactivity trump all else when it comes to music in 2010, whether delivered through cloud-based streaming services or in a host of music apps for smartphones and iPads. This session explores the lucrative possibilities for major and independent musicians and game developers created by a Millennial Generation that wants its music on the move and with added value.

2:00-2:10: Music Apps 411

Introduction to the music apps business by Sam Howard-Spink.

2:10-2:30: The Rise of Tap Tap Revenge

Tim O'Brien, VP of Business Development for Disney Mobile and Founder of Tapulous, the 2008 start-up behind Tap Tap Revenge, discusses the lessons to be learned from the success of the multi-million selling iPhone game and why Disney wanted it.

2:30-2:45: Band on the Run: Developing Your Fan-Base in the Mobile Sphere

Stephen Sternschien looks at how unique promotional apps can grow the fan-bases of all levels of artists from his unique perspective as a music attorney and founder of Heard Games.

2:45-3:15: A Time for Change: The Future of Music Apps

Sam Howard-Spink, Stephen Sternschien and Tim O'Brien compare notes on pros and cons of the music apps business today, and consider what the new sector's future may look like, with time allotted for questions from the audience. Schedule subject to change. Please visit cmj2010.com for updates and more information.

Panelists: Gwen Bethel Riley (Tapulous Inc.), Sam Howard-Spink (Clinical Assistant Professor of Music Business - NYU / CMJ Play Curator), Stephen Sternschein (Founder - Heard Games | Artist Manager | Entertainment Attorney)


The final session at CMJ Play is a roundtable discussion on business opportunities at the crossroads of music, games and interactive media. A diverse panel of experienced industry professionals and fresh music creators -from licensing and music supervisors and entrepreneurs to educators and live performers - will offer insights into their own projects, what has grabbed their attention in the past year, and answer and debate a range of audience questions.

Panelists: Peter Berkman (Anamanaguchi), Dave Hnatiuk (Exec. Music Producer / Music Supervisor; Co-Author of "Music Supervision"), Andie Stone (Senior VP for Strategic Marketing at Warner Brothers Records), Gabe Liberti (Audio Engineer, Documentarian, 2 Player Productions, Ltd.), Frank Lantz (NYU Game Center - Interim Director), Stephen Harwood (Composer | Sound Designer) and Steve Horowitz (Composer/ Producer/President; The Code International Inc.).

Registration for CMJ Play is open at cmj2010.com/registration. Registration fee of $149 includes admission to CMJ Play, the Exhibitors' Loft & Lounge and evening showcases on October 20.(All CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival badge holders are of course welcome to attend).

For information about the entire CMJ Music Marathon, including the schedule, registration fees, and how to register, go to http://www.cmj.com/marathon.

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