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CM: Shock Force v1.07 patch released!

Friday, 22 February 2008

Greetings everyone. Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of the new Combat Mission: Shock Force v1.07 all inclusive game patch.

This All Inclusive (cumulative) game patch is available in 3 flavors; for the, Gamersgate and Paradox Interactive versions of game. Links to each patch are listed below. Depending on the version, the patch is between 174 to 241 megs in size. While its only been two weeks since the last patch was released, we were able to pack in a bunch of improvements in this version not to mention the addition of 32 brand new Quick Battle Maps. Other important tweaks have been made to unit pathfinding, combat behavior, area fire as well as fixes to a couple of pesky bugs which popped up recently.

As these are All Inclusive patche s, they will work regardless of if, or to what level, the game has already been patched in the past.

A newly updated v1.07 Combat Mission: Shock Force Demo is planned to be released soon!

View the full v1.07 Readme here:

Download the Combat Mission Shock Force v1.07 Patch Here:

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