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Clumsy Claus

Free for 24 hours tomorrow.

With 10 days to go until Christmas, Santa seriously needs to help in ClumsyClaus on the iPhone and iPod touch – grab this game for FREE for 24 hours!

There's not long to go before people everywhere start unwrapping their presents on Christmas Day. But there will be no gifts for anyone if Santa doesn't get his act together.

So in the spirit of Christmas, Spaghetti Studios has reduced the price of ClumsyClaus on the iPhone and iPod touch from $0.99 to nothing. That's right, for 24 hours, on December 15, 2010, you can pick up this amazing game for FREE.

Which is just as well given Santa is still frantically trying to gather up his presents after forgetting to tie them down on his sleigh. This is your chance to help our hero collect as many presents as possible, avoiding the hot fairy lights before the time runs out. And not have to pay a penny to do it.

Available Now

Clumsy Claus is the latest game from fledgling indie developer Spaghetti Studios.

Players have to collect as many gifts as possible within a tight time limit, avoiding the hot fairy lights which singe our festive hero. There's a lot of food scattered around to give Santa an extra burst of time but if you don't act fast, there's going to be a fair few kiddies disappointed come Christmas Day.

With easy-to-use controls, a host of challenges and a race against the clock, this game will keep you occupied for days. Just don't become too absorbed and forget to buy your friends and family a few presents.


Easy two-touch control system

Dozens of collectible items

Absorbing, addictive gameplay


Rasher Basher is available for the Apple iPhone™, Apple iPhone4™ and Apple iPod touch®.. Rasher Basher has been developed by Manchester-based Spaghetti Studios, a small independent developer in the UK.


Apple iPhone™ & Apple iPod touch®:

Rasher Basher is available on the App Store here: ;

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