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Club Galactik

MMO TV spin-off gets an update.

June 24, 2010

Amsterdam, the Netherlands – This week Virtual Fairground ( launched a major update to it’s flagship virtual world and MMO Lite Club Galactik ( The update adds to Club Galactik’s feature set with, amongst others, a hard and soft currency economy, shops, parental controls, NetModerator TM integration, room and avatar customization, localization in 8 languages and a slew of new mini-games.

Club Galactik is the official online game and virtual world of hit animated series Galactik Football (on air in over a 100 countries). The new launch coincides with the start of the series 3rd season. During the rest of the European summer the virtual world will be continuously updated until full integration of the MMO gameplay in August 2010.

The update to Club Galactik marks the near completion of Virtual Fairground’s ’The Ride’ engine; proprietary technology and a design blueprint the company has been developing the last 2 years. The engine allows for rapid development of advanced and scalable browser-based virtual worlds and Flash MMO games at a fraction of the cost usually associated with these types of products and services.

“Creating Triple A quality, highly-scalable virtual worlds and online game experiences is an enormously time-consuming and costly process if you want it done right.” says Maarten Brands of Virtual Fairground. “That is why we created this technology and platform. Safety measures, communication, account management, economy, localization, server infrastructure, quests, mini-games, achievements… basically everything you need for a compelling virtual world and MMO Lite is integrated in this engine.”

About Club Galactik and Galactik Football

Club Galactik is the official online game and virtual world of animation series Galactik Football. The series is a worldwide phenomena amongst kids. The show is on air in over a 100 countries and has recently entered its third season. It is consistently rated in the top 5 children’s programmes across Europe, Latin America, South Korea, Asia Pacific and North America.

Galactik Football is a futuristic and spectacular form of football whereby humans, aliens and cyborgs from all over the galaxy compete to win the Galactik Cup. Now kids and teens from all over the world can enroll in Club Galactik, to join the interplanetary academy that trains the best Galactik Football talent in the universe.

About Virtual Fairground

Virtual Fairground ( produces online entertainment, browser-based virtual worlds and MMOG for wide audiences in various international markets. The company takes care of all aspects of production. From licensing, funding and development to publishing and commercialization. Projects currently in development are Club Galactik (, based on animation hit series Galactik Football and several unannounced games with various international partners.

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