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Cloud 9 Games Announces Solomon Says - Anything Goes Bible Trivia, A Lighthearted And Fun Bible Trivia Game For The PC

Austin, Texas - December 7, 2005 - Cloud 9 Games, Inc. today announced the release of their first title, Solomon Says - Anything Goes Bible Trivia for the Personal Computer. The game is available for purchase through their website as a boxed version or downloadable version at www.cloud9games.com.

"We want to provide a positive alternative to the rapidly increasing violence found in mainstream video and computer games. The Solomon Says Bible Trivia Series is the first step towards that objective," said Curtis Ratica, President of Cloud 9 Games, Inc. "The Bible is full of wonderful details and incredible stories. What better source is there for creating fun, healthy games for people of all ages to enjoy? With Solomon Says, you will find out exactly how much you know about the Bible, and I guarantee that you will learn more every time you sit down and play this game. It's the game where everybody wants to be a wiseguy!"

Gameplay Description / Key Features

Solomon Says offers two modes of play, 1 player and 2 or 3 player mode. In 1 player mode, the player competes against the clock to answer questions as the point value counts down. Answering incorrectly will deduct 25% of the starting base value. The base value is dependent on the difficulty level, which can be easy, medium or hard.

For 2 or 3 player mode, players compete against each other, striving to become the wisest wiseguy! There is no timer, but points are deducted for each incorrect answer. If players can answer 5 questions correctly in a row, they are presented with a wacky bonus question sure to make anyone laugh.

Both modes feature the Solomon Slam Daddy Point Multiplier! This random event allows players to choose the multiplication factor for the next question. This factor ranges from 1X to 3X. Players can win or lose a great deal using this feature. Determining when to use the Solomon Slam Daddy feature is a true test of wisdom!

Players can choose from 1 of 3 characters to begin the game. These characters have unique and hilarious voices to complement play. Five more characters can be unlocked once certain scoring goals are accomplished!

About Cloud 9 Games, Inc.

Cloud 9 Games, Inc. strives to become the premiere Christian game developer in the world, bringing quality software entertainment for people of all ages to enjoy. Future plans include mainstream console games as well as more computer games. Currently in development is the 1st Volume of Solomon Says Bible Trivia For Kids - Even Animals Love God! This title is scheduled for release the summer of 2006. This game will feature 8 animal characters to play as and over 500 questions about animals in the Bible. This series of titles will be specifically geared towards children. More information can be found on their website at www.cloud9games.com.

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