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Cloning Clyde Now Available on Xbox Live Arcade

For Immediate Release

July 20, 2006 - (Orem, Utah) - NinjaBee ( announced that Cloning Clyde has been released on Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade, available on the Xbox 360. Cloning Clyde is a completely original game and IP and was designed specifically for the Xbox 360 platform.


Clyde wasn't thinking, as usual, when he volunteered for a scientific experiment that went horribly wrong. What can you expect when a major corporation offers you $20 bucks to take place in an illegal experiment involving human cloning? With clones duplicated by the hundreds and running wild, Dupliclone Inc has locked down their massive facility. Now the dim-witted Clyde and his even more dim-witted clones must make their escape!

Game Description

Cloning Clyde is a 3-D side-scrolling adventure, featuring crazy action-oriented puzzle solving and hectic multiplayer gameplay. Play split-screen on a single console, or mutate online with your friends across the world via Xbox Live Arcade!

Clone yourself and combine your DNA with nearby creatures, then work together with your clones to escape the Dupliclone lab. Can you free yourself er, yourselves from the myriad of sinister traps and mutations that await you? Get Cloning Clyde today and find out!


¨ An original game-play experience designed from the ground up for Xbox Live Arcade.

¨ Switch between Clyde-clones to attack security systems, escape through ventilation shafts, collect Killer Kenn action figures, and solve challenging puzzles.

¨ Combine your DNA with nearby critters to gain special abilities by becoming Sheep-Clyde, Ape-Clyde, Chicken-Clyde and more.

¨ Enjoy a unique look with custom cartoon rendering technology developed specifically for the Xbox 360

¨ Play ALL of the levels in the game in multiplayer mode - either local split-screen or online!

¨ Explore 46 unique single-player/co-op levels.

¨ Fight through 6 distinct Player vs. Player levels where players can duke it out.

¨ Access Leaderboards, achievements, gamer pictures, and other features that take advantage of the awesome abilities of Xbox Live.

¨ Interact with a barnyard of crazy creatures - frogs, chickens, sheep, and more.

¨ Watch Clyde's wacky antics and read hilarious messages from other Clyde clones

¨ Try the free demo version, downloadable straight to your living room

NinjaBee, a division of Wahoo Studios, is dedicated to bringing retail quality family games to the downloadable world. Cloning Clyde is the second in a line of exciting games from NinjaBee designed to bring crazy fun to everyone! Find out more at

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