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Clock Blocks

"Simplistic yet sadistically challenging" iPhone puzzler available now.

NEW YORK - December 2, 2010

80d Games, an independent mobile game development studio, today announced its premiere title Clock Blocks, a new puzzle and reflex game that boasts simplistic yet sadistically challenging gameplay. The latest version of the mind-bending title is immediately available for download on the App Store at $0.99. A lite version of the game is also available for players that want to take baby steps into the insanity.

Clock Blocks offers a unique and easy to grasp concept – shoot block shaped clocks until there are no more clock blocks left. Each clock contains a revolving minute hand, with every clock rotating their minute hand at different speeds.

Players tap the screen when they want to shoot from one clock to the next, using the revolving minute hand to aim, as they try to shoot all clock blocks in any given level. As time is not on their side, players must act quickly as they need to shoot the next clock before the minute hand makes a full revolution.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you, Clock Blocks will test your wits and patience to no end as players attempt to clear increasingly difficult levels, ensuring that the time spent playing is definitely time well spent.

Clock Blocks features:

• 3 modes of gameplay:

o Quest – 40 levels of clock block patterns designed to challenge even the best puzzlers

o Survival – Score as many points as you can while enduring an endless barrage of clocks

o Classic – See how many times you can clear a screen full of clocks

• 4 difficulty levels for Survival and Classic modes for maximum replay value

• Game Center enabled, allowing players to compete for the highest scores in Survival and Classic Mode

• Vibrant and crisp retina display graphics

To start the race against time, check out Clock Blocks on the App Store at

Clock Blocks Lite is available at

About 80d Games

Based in New York City, 80d Games is an independent mobile game development studio with a simple philosophy: to create innovative and addictive games for mobile devices and the web. Along with maximum entertainment value, 80d Games aims to develop games that also provide a natural "tune-up" for the mind. The studio’s debut title, Clock Blocks, is now available for iOS.

David Martinez, TriplePoint for 80d Games


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