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Climax "ready now" for next-generation platforms

UK development group Climax has significantly overhauled its in-house game engine, and claims that the new technology - called Blimey 2 - means that it is now ready to work on titles for next-generation platforms.

The company has used the original Blimey engine in many of its successful titles to date, including the MotoGP series, The Italian Job: LA Heist and ATV 2: Quad Power Racing, and claims that the technology has allowed them to turn around cross-platform titles on all four major platforms quickly and easily.

The new replacement engine offers significantly enhanced functionality, but crucially, is designed to give Climax a lead over its rivals in developing for platforms such as the PS3, the Xbox 2, and even Sony's handheld, the PlayStation Portable.

"The Blimey engine has served us well over the last couple years, but Blimey 2 takes us to another level" according to Climax CEO Karl Jeffery. "It's more powerful, more adaptable and, most importantly, it keeps us ahead of the competition. We've already got games in development that are using Blimey 2 and we're ready now for PS3, Xbox 2, PSP and any other next generation games platform."

Further Reading: [Blimey 2 Engine Specifications - Climax Group]

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