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Climax gives publishers a vision of Avalon

UK-based development group Climax has announced that it will be showing off a fully playable prototype of its ambitious next-generation console action title Avalon to select publishing executives in the near future.

Originally known as Project Avalon, the game is described as a "multi-vehicle shooter," combining shoot 'em up action with vehicle driving skills, and using the multiplayer capabilities of the next-generation systems to bring it all together in online battles of epic size.

Having worked on the title - and the technology which it uses, codenamed Tomcat - internally, the firm is now hoping to drum up interest in the game within the publishing community.

"Climax' ability to self-fund the prototype has produced huge strides in development," according to Climax president Tony Beckwith, "which has allowed Avalon to be fully playable before the game is even presented to publishers."

Climax, which recently completed work on Xbox-exclusive title Sudeki for Microsoft, has a team dedicated to next-generation console development - which is already producing "impressive results," according to the firm.

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