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Saitek’s Remarkable X-52 Flight Control System Embarks On Its Maiden Flight To Stores

Wednesday 10 November 2004/... PC gaming enthusiasts all over the country are fastening their seatbelts for the highly anticipated X-52 Flight Control System. Coming in for final approach on November 12th, PC pilots the length and breadth of the nation are placing this most impressive of peripherals at the top of their Christmas wish lists.

As you'd come to expect from veteran manufacturers Saitek, the experience gained over years of joystick design and manufacturing has been distilled to create the ultimate control system for the modern flight simulation connoisseur. At a price that doesn't break the bank, the Saitek X-52 provides the kind of features, design sophistication and build quality that define a truly cutting-edge PC flight controller.

Following on from Saitek's previous X-45 flight control system, the Saitek X-52 package consists of the two devices demanded by any serious flight simulation enthusiast: a magnificently featured, precision engineered joystick unit and an innovative throttle controller featuring an information readout LCD which displays profile information, control modes, flight time and more.

Bristling with functionality, both the joystick and throttle units are covered in sliders, wheels, POV hats and buttons, all placed with the delicate care for comfort and customisation that PC gamers have come to depend on from Saitek products. What results is a supremely capable control system that can be moulded to the user's own preferences like no other device on the market, offering support for all PC flight simulation titles thanks to its superb programming utilities.

"Using the SST software, a user can set up the X-52 for multiple flight sims and even multiple configurations within them, all changeable on the fly," says Paul Millar, sales director for Saitek. "The needs of the user are central to our design ethos and we place user customisation high on the list of priorities." "With the X-52, we feel we've accomplished the highest level of versatility possible in an overall package that's unmatched by anything on the market in terms of innovation, quality and style."

The Saitek X-52 Flight Control System is arguably the most stylish and technically adept fight control system available. It flies into the shops on November 12th, priced £99.95.

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