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Classic development 'post-mortems' confirmed for GDC 2011

Eleven of gaming's most important titles dissected by their creators

Some of the most influential titles in gaming history will have their development processes laid bare by their creators at GDC this March, with each game being the subject of an hour long lecture by the leading figure behind it.

Eleven titles have been chosen from the last 30 years of development history, including games which created and changed genres for ever. First on the list is Toru Iwatani who created Pac-Man for Namco, a game which has spawned a massive franchise which still attracts the highest critical plaudits today. Next is Frontier Developments' David Braben, whose seminal space trading title Elite set the standard for 3D and open world games for years to come.

Eric Chai will be speaking about his side-scrolling adventure Another World, which revolutionised any number of aspects of storytelling, gameplay and standards of imagination. Also in the line up is Prince of Persia, whose creator Jordan Mechner will be discussing how his game managed to find such a fond place in so many hearts.

Mark Cerny will be covering his action maze title Marble Madness and David Crane will lecture on his Atari classic Pitfall. Legendary figure John Romero will unveil the secrets behind Doom, while Peter Molyneux goes behind the scenes on god-sim Populous. Jason Kapalka will be speaking on world-consuming match-'em-up Bejewelled. Finally, Will Wright will be talking about Raid on Bungeling Bay, the game which laid the foundations of Sim City, and Ron Gilbert will give insight into grand daddy point and click Maniac Mansion.

Full details of the sessions are available in the GDC 2011 events section.

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