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Zoiks! Family orientated puzzler launched.

“Clandestiny is the perfect puzzle game for a family to sit down and play together”, says Graeme Devine.  There are over 40 minutes of animated story to go with the over 30 puzzles.  Join Andrew and Paula on this spooky adventure as you experience the castle's eerie rooms and hidden passageways, and encounter the angst-ridden ghosts of the family MacPhiles.  Solve "wee" rascally riddles and persnickety puzzles to learn the fate of this dimwitted clan!

Three levels of difficulty pose a challenge to novices and experienced gamers alike.  And the enchanting story by renowned author Jahanna N. Malcolm makes the journey worth the taking.

Clandestiny is available for $9.99 on Macs everywhere in the new Mac App Store launched today by Apple.

Clandestiny was originally released by Devine when he was at Trilobyte in 1996 as the companies third title following The 7th Guest and 11th Hour. “I always felt Clandestiny was the best game we made and we never really gave it a fair shake because we tried to publish it ourselves, these days the Mac App Store makes that actually possible!”.  The game has been rewritten from scratch for the Mac, with new tougher AIs for the puzzles, new navigation, and brighter environments.

For more information please contact Graeme Devine directly at  

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