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Version 1.8 attained.

For Release on Tuesday, November 10th, 8 AM PST.

November 10th, 2009

CityScape 1.8 is focused on prototyping, rapid iteration, and creative freedom allow designers and artists to play test their environments sooner and make better design choices. CityScape’s core technology improves productivity for racing, open world, and sci-fi games. The underlying technology is agnostic to the genre of game, targeting workflow improvements for content creators.

PixelActive announces the release of CityScape version 1.8, the latest version of its rapid urban modeling and simulation software for game developers, GIS professionals, simulation makers, and urban planners.

CityScape 1.8 includes: Enhanced road editing capabilities, improved GIS importing, a flexible meta data system, new import and export formats, a redesigned user interface with icons and hotkeys, and performance improvements. The road editing tools add a tangent editor, tunnels, and complex intersections. GIS importing supports NAVTEQ, Tele Atlas, OpenStreetMap, custom shapefiles, aerial imagery, geolocated geometry, elevation data and GIS data preprocessing. The meta data system uses custom and default templates to add data to objects, exports meta data to COLLADA, Filmbox, or CSV, and calculates meta data on the fly given basic building data.

CityScape “allows [researchers] to really think about all these different ways they want to test their devices. They can easily make city environments with [CityScape]. They can easily make rural environments. They can easily make expressway environments. So they can get that all out of the way, and then concentrate on their work.” says Larry Cathey, Sr. Project Manager at Realtime Technologies, Inc.

"In 1.8, we wanted to create an application that was as easy to pick up for users of Photoshop or Maya, but still have the control and detail artists require to visualize their ideas. We’re very happy with the result and look forward to our users’ feedback.” say Steve Rotenberg, PixelActive CEO.

"We made significant improvements to our GIS importing functionality. Simulation companies, video game developers, and urban planners all see the market demand for larger environments. These environments are used for training simulations, racing games in destination locations, and the visualization of master planned communities. CityScape allows teams to scale their environments without losing control of design or art style.”

The CityScape team paid close attention to user feedback in developing the new version. “All the new features came out of conversations with our customers. We’re really trying to make CityScape a program that helps people build better environments faster and more efficiently.”

Pricing and Availability

CityScape is available for $19,000 and can be purchased by contacting a PixelActive sales representative at The CityScape 1.8 Demo can be downloaded from the PixelActive website by visiting the Download CityScape page.

About CityScape

CityScape is an integrated modeling, texturing and layout application for urban environments. CityScape’s innovative set of real-time road, terrain, and layout tools, advanced GIS importing functionality, and robust file importing and exporting compatibility, is used by GIS professionals, urban planners, and simulation and game companies worldwide. Its real-time response and Active Adjustment functionality makes it the most accessible urban modeling tool available today. As a stand-alone application, CityScape offers enterprise functionality and appeals to a wide audience.

About PixelActive Inc.

Founded in 2003, PixelActive Incorporated - develops and markets innovative 3D software products. The privately funded company is based in Carlsbad, California, and was founded by Steve Rotenberg and Michael Kelley, veterans of the video game industry.

Press contact:

Joseph Young

Director of Marketing

(858) 248-0547

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