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BASINGSTOKE, England (December 7th 2005) - Publishers MONTE CRISTO and DEEP SILVER commence construction on their latest project, in the form of CITY LIFE. Releasing on PC CD ROM, City Life is a modern day city building simulation, where players are able to create a sprawling metropolis; governing millions of citizens, every decision impacting upon their daily lives. Featuring a full 3D engine, City Life brings an unprecedented level of detail and a high-level of animation to the 'City Builder' genre. Priced at £29.99, city development will commence on APRIL 2006, exclusively distributed by KOCH Media in the UK.

From elegant villas in residential neighborhoods to imposing skyscrapers in the financial district, players design and develop the city of their dreams. They have to provide comfort and satisfaction for the citizens by offering them adequate leisure and entertainment facilities, as well as work and access to education. It's up to the player to manage their city effectively, overseeing booming development while at the same time regulating the very delicate issues of pollution and traffic. Players must also ensure that the diverse communities share the city in the best way possible to guarantee a peaceful and prosperous city.

City Life is an incredible city builder, set in real-time 3D. Players construct awe inspiring megalopolises thriving with life. The stunning 3D game engine, powers the incredibly realistic visuals, which are full of life and energy. As the player sweeps amongst the towering cityscape, watch the shadows lengthen as the day draws on, catch building reflections in the mirrored windows of the financial district and see the shimmering image of their construction as they stand at the waters edge. Players can view the game from different non-isometric perspectives as the camera can rotate in all directions; and zoom is fully supported all the way into first-person view, to walk amongst the citizens of their thriving city.

Construction of CITY LIFE will complete in time for the April 2006 unveiling.


  • CREATE A MODERN 21st CENTURY CITY - As city planner, build the city of the future including residential, industrial, municipal services, education, entertainment and a complete infrastructure system.
  • MANAGE URBAN CULTURES - 6 distinct cultures require the player's attention, each with unique needs and attitudes. From the affluent Elite class to the cornerstone of society, the working class. Provide appropriate accommodation and entertainment to ensure harmony within the city.
  • MONITOR THE EVOLUTION OF THE CITY - track income and spending within the city. Understand the population - where they work, how happy they are? Refine the infrastructure for maximum efficiency.
  • PLAY IN SANDBOX MODE - in over 20 predefined maps.
  • CREATE CUSTOM MAPS - using the intuitive and highly detailed game editor.
  • STATE OF THE ART 3D ENGINE - Real freedom of construction, not limited by the constraints of the orthogonal grid. Zoom and pan the camera in all directions, even all the way down to street level as a first person view.

Published by MONTE CRISTO & DEEP SILVER and distributed exclusively by KOCH Media in UK and Germany. CITY LIFE is set for launch APRIL 2006.

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+44 (0) 8700 276 530


Monte Cristo, founded ten years ago, has become a respected player in the sector of management and strategy games. Its titles, including Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps, Fire Department 1 & 2, Medieval Lords, Platoon, The Partners, Wall Street Trader and Economic War, have resonated with gamers in Europe and beyond. Monte Cristo is currently focusing its production and design resources towards life simulation, builders and tactical management with the intention of reaching a larger international audience.


Founded in 1994, KOCH MEDIA UK develops, publishes and distributes a diverse mix of titles for home console gaming systems, personal computers and the Internet. Based in Basingstoke, the company has distribution contracts with a number of software publishers, including NINTENDO. For publishers not in the UK, KOCH MEDIA exclusively markets, sells and distributes titles. Under its own brands of DEEP SILVER and EUROPRESS, KOCH MEDIA develops and publishes its own range of gaming and educational and lifestyle software. For more information on KOCH MEDIA and its products, visit

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