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New new walkthrough videos hit the streets.

PARIS, France - As an introduction to key gameplay elements for its upcoming next-generation city builder, CITIES XL™ , Monte Cristo is making available two new walkthrough videos today. In the first video, viewers will learn about the game's emphasis on realism, from structure, map design and transport, to the way the citizens impact the game simulation.

The second video offers a peek at the online functions and community features of CITIES XL™. Focusing on a Ski resort GEM (Gameplay Extension Modules), viewers will learn how to create and run a business in the online game, while also trading resources with other players. Lastly, the trailer gives a brief overview of a few of the game’s other online multiplayer features - including the ability to visit other cities in the virtual world, and the online city journals where players can share their achievements as a virtual mayor and business leader.

To download the new videos, please visit -

For more information about CITIES XL™, the upcoming next-generation city-builder featuring unique new online community features and "tycoon" gameplay elements, please visit

About Monte Cristo Games

Created in 1995 Monte Cristo is a leading game production company with over a decade of experience, having successfully published 30 games worldwide. Backed by leading international venture capitalists, we are currently focusing a team of over 80 people on the development of CITIES XL™ which merges video gaming with social networking and virtual worlds.

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