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Cities in Motion

A patch in motion.

Complete Patch notes 1.0.13

Fixed bug: Crash while saving game on certain configurations. Fixed bug: Random crash when using tree brush in map editor. Fixed bug: Tram line cannot be built through the track piece turning diagonally to a 4 lane road. Fixed bug: Lines are always visible when loaded saved game. Fixed bug: Ticker message about a car accident is removed too quickly. Fixed bug: Old pre-set buses in scenarios have wrong capacity. Fixed bug: Achievement "Four corners of the earth" can be unlocked only in sandbox mode. Improvement: Some optimizations when saving game. Improvement: Number of private cars depends on the difficulty setting (Slider for the custom difficulty). Improvement: Slower economy changes. Improvement: Shortcut key for underground view (default: U). Improvement: Jammed cars are removed faster. Fixed bug: Stops show wrong passenger count after a line is deleted. View the release trailer:

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