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Secret agent/brick braking game arrives on the iPhone.

Circuloid is one of the most clever and addictive games for iPad - MacStories’ Weekly Game

Circuloid is addictive. It’s much more than just a brick-breaker game. It’s the quest of former white-collar worker John Circuloid to become a secret agent. Go on and tackle all 24 exciting levels (and more to come!) to help him make his dream come true.

The 360-degree aspect of the game adds in a new level of challenge that the genre has been needing. If you liked Shatter, then this is a great addition to your game library. - The Portable Gamer

Just bought this last night and I have to say I am really impressed. Great game. The circular design really changes things a LOT on the brick breaking genre. Way more than I thought it would. - MadeTheSwitch

Circuloid really changes a lot in the brick breaking genre. Not only does the circular aspect make it special, but also such features as it’s crisp, astonishing graphics, the custom high-quality music tracks, game center support, 10 types of power-ups and bonuses to catch and 3 control modes.

Away from the crisp edginess of the ingame visuals, the menus and user interface portray the detective’s desk and offer up a wonderfully tactile, touchy feel with the paperwork files and his pager the route through to the game’s various sections. -

We know that Apple fans love slick design, but we also know that vintage is the new black. So we added a few twists and that classic feel to Circuloid. Transform your iPhone into a Dick Tracy-style detective desk and start playing! Oh, and don’t forget to see how it all began -

App name - Circuloid for iPhone

Price - $1,99

Available in App Store from - in review  

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