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Chuckwagon anniversary

Games auction site celebrates first birthday with 30 fee-free days.

Orange County, CA (PR)– March 24, 2009

Well, we did it! Tomorrow, March 24th, 2008 is’s 1-Year anniversary. This past year has gone faster than a game of Defender! To sum up our first year as a video gaming auction community I think it’s best to see our 1-year statistics:

Total Members: 2,111

Total Listings: 90,550

Total Uploaded Photos: 71,557

Total $ Sold: $76,681.76

Total Searches: 398,458

Total Item Views: 922,308

Without a doubt, the first year has been an overwhelming success. When I launched, most wrote it off right from the beginning saying no one can start an auction site in this day and age. Others have tried and failed. So based on these assumptions, the Chuckwagon will go down in flames, as well. Not so. In this past year we have all contributed to the sustained growth of what is now the most successful gaming auction site in history. And it is still growing to the tune of 175-200 members each month.

Now, I’ve said it before and will say it again. As I look through the forums on a daily basis, many of you continue to feed the monster that is Ebay. Even after a year it is evident many of you still have no faith in the Chuckwagon. I would like to know why, as it is clearly working on so many levels, some of you are still leary of listing? For those of you that are using Ebay, please let me know how much of your stuff is selling, how much isn’t? What are they charging you each month? And, most importantly, why still use them based on your answers? Now I have been using Ebay long enough to know that it doesn’t work all the time. At least when I do video game searches the majority of the stuff I see isn’t selling, or selling for prices less than that from a few years ago. I see common items sitting stagnant. I see rare and harder to find items continuing to sell. These are the same things I see on the Chuckwagon. It mirrors exactly what types of listing sell and don’t sell on Ebay.

No Fees For 30-Days! Kick Ebay to the Curb.

I really want all of you who are still hesitant to list on the Chuckwagon to try it out. So until April 30, 2009 I am waiving all listing fees (well, these are always free) and selling/final value fees. This will give you no excuse to not at least try listing some items on the Chuckwagon. Please give the Chuckwagon a chance, as listing a single, common game cartridge, will not give you a true picture of how our site is working. List on it for 30-days just like you would on Ebay and see the results. You can set a reserve price to cover you’re a$$ at no cost. Now, if you elect to use listing promotional items like home page featured items, category featured items, bold titles or highlighted listings you will be charged a small fee. But if not, you won’t pay a penny to list and sell your items. Please note that at the end of April I will go in and credit all your accounts back to a $0 balance (final value fees, reserve price fees, but not listing promotional options as discussed above). Now is the time to give the Chuckwagon a thorough test-drive and free yourself from Ebay, its moron policies and escalating fees!

I hope many of you will take me up on this offer. You now have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

To those of you who have shifted the majority of your auctions over to the Chuckwagon, I thank you all. I believe, if you look back over the past year, you will see how much money you’ve saved in fees and it will be significant. And, at the same time, those of you who are using the Chuckwagon on a continuous basis have also seen the sales results that keep you coming back listing after listing after listing. This should be a great indicator to those of you still on the fence that the site is working, just as well as Ebay!

For our second year I am sure our growth will continue. I am ramping up a Facebook ad campaign as well as other new marketing strategies that will continue to bring in more and more buyer and seller traffic to the site. Looking back over this past year I see how far we’ve all come and I can tell already that our second year will outshine the first. I hope you all have as much faith in this as I.

Please communicate with me at whenever you please. As most know I do all I can to cater to our members needs, suggestions, comments and questions. Our forums are starting to grow more rapidly and it is also a great place to meet your fellow Chuckwagon members and discuss the auction site and gaming, in general. Here’s to a second year of success for all of us!

And. . . . .The Chuckwagon rolls on!

Mike Kennedy, CEO

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