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Chocolate Tycoon

Run a chocolate shop from your iPhone.

Time Management game with a fun Story

From purchasing ingredients, mixing them, using Chokis to make various tasty chocolates, and selling them to Villagers of the Kingdom Choco, Chocolate Tycoon will provide a non-repetitive and fun time management tycoon game on the iOS. Play through the story to become the best chocolatier in the Kingdom. Your chocolates can and will inspire the King.

User Created Contents

Users can design and create their own chocolates using the design tool. After designing your very own Chocolate, users can sell or share their chocolate design to friends or anyone who is playing the game. Design your own chocolate and sell them to fellow villagers at your chocolate shop.


Choki is the creature behind the great chocolate. Chokis gobble up chocolate ingredients and make real tasty chocolates. Users can combine chokis to get eggs that hatch and give you other chokis. Different chokis have different/various abilities.

Title: Chocolate Tycoon Available date: February 10, 2011 Platform: iOS Languages: English, Korean Genre: Time Management game with a fun story and User Created Contents User Created Contents: Design your own chocolate shape and sell/buy or share with friends. Choki: the secret behind great chocolates Appstore link: http://bridge.com2us.com/redirect/r.c2s?g=3 4 9 Youtube link: http://goo.gl/KYOqF
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