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Child's Play charity breaks annual record

Almost $2.3 million was raised in 2010, bringing the total to just shy of $9 million

2010 was a record-breaking year for the Child's Play, the charity has confirmed, having recorded $2,294,317 in donations across the twelve months.

The haul brings the lifetime total to just under $9 million, with highlights from the past year including $300,000 from the Humble Indie Bundle, $207,000 from LoadingReadyRun's Desert Bus for Hope marathon and $150,000 from the Gears of War Fate or Carmine campaign.

"Just because we've surpassed our goal this year doesn't mean we're going to slow down, in fact we are planning to expand so we can help even more children next year," commented Kristin Lindsay, foundation co-ordinator at Child's Play.

The main focus of the charity is to donate gifts to sick children in hospitals around the world - including the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Egypt as well as the US.

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