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Cheap Amateur Film - Cheap Amateur Film in Space

2D side-scroller with paper cut-out graphics.

What do you get when you have the best talent of all time, using the biggest budget in history along with the biggest name actors and put it all in a movie?  Well, something completely different.  Cheap Amateur Film in Space is about a couple of guys making a movie, with no talent, and no budget.  All of this is put into a 2d side-scroll shooter video game. Confusing?  Maybe a little.  But, very unique.  Cheap Amateur Film in Space is Cheap Amateur Film's pilot game.

The game play is very simple. Enemies move on the screen from right to left, and you try to shoot down as many of them as you can.  The idea behind the graphics of the game is to make everything look like they are a cut out from construction paper and levitated over a drawn background. This is done by using shadow effects so that you (the spaceship rocket) and the enemies 'pop out' of the background image.  The background image itself is made to look like it was built from materials such as construction paper and crayons.  How amateurish!  But, don't be fooled, Cheap Amateur Film in Space has all the elements you would expect out of a well-rounded one player video game:

    * A multi-level game, with each level having a beginning, middle and end

    * Lots of unique enemies

    * Power ups

    * Extra lives

    * Mini bosses and bosses

    * A little cheesy

    * Satisfying victories, and

    * Just a little dialog with a dry sense of humor 

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