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Chat Better Online With Your Sony Handheld

Datel releases Headset Communicator for Xbox Live…


May 3rd, 2006 - With its comfortable, over-the-ear design and snazzy hi-tech look, Communicator Headset for XB360 is the ideal companion for Xbox L!ve. Communicator Headset works with any Xbox 360 game with voice chat. With a microphone positioned near your mouth and an earpiece for crystal-clear sound, you can bark out your orders or taunt your opponents as you play.

Xbox L!ve's online gamers' community is a great way to make new friends and keep in touch with your old ones. You can talk to anyone who's currently online, regardless of whether you're playing the same game. In fact, you don't need to be playing at all - with Communicator Headset and your Xbox L!ve account, you can log on and simply chat.

But it's in the games that Communicator Headset really comes into its own. Taunt your opponents and discuss strategies with your team-mates during the game, and get ready for your next blast in the lobbies. All Xbox 360 games which feature multiplayer online gaming are compatible with Communicator Headset, so you've no shortage of titillating titles. So if you want to keep in touch with gamers from all over the world as you batter them in a beat-'em-up, drive 'em crazy in a driving game or blow 'em to bits in that first-person shooter, Communicator Headset is the ideal choice.


Comfortable, stylish design
Crystal clear sound
Mic positioned near mouth - no need to shout
Works with WiFi connection

Communicator Headset for Xbox 360 is in the shops now, and costs £9.99 (UK) or $14.99 (USA). It can also be bought direct at or by calling 08456 010 015.

Note for Editors:
For more information on all exciting products from Datel, please contact Ian Osborne on 01785 810816, or email

About Datel:
Datel is the world's leading developer of videogame enhancement products for games consoles. For more than 20 years Datel has stayed at the forefront of the videogames industry by developing products that are innovative, inspirational, technologically advanced and above all, fun to use. It is this philosophy that has seen Datel's products consistently outperform all competitors. The company's famous flagship brand Action Replay is a global best seller on the PSP, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Game Boy Advance/SP, Nintendo DS and Xbox.

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