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The most brutal strategy game in the universe is back. Witness the carnage as these sporting heavyweights rip each other to shreds.

To mark the return of the hugely popular strategy game Chaos League, developers Cyanide Studios have created one of the must see game trailers of 2005. Everything that made the first game such a massive top ten hit is back, along with a gargantuan list of graphical advancements, content additions and gameplay improvements. Head to the link below, then watch and wince.

Chaos League Sudden Death adds 3 new races, 19 new heroes and an explosive excess of blinding new spells and skills that will delight newcomers and keep veterans busy long into the new season. Although Sudden Death is a feature packed expansion bursting at the seams with new ideas, additions and updates, it also includes the full original game but, at a bargain price.

Chaos League Sudden Death is a totally unique strategy experience where rules are constantly broken, and rampant violence is positively encouraged by team managers. With RTS styled controls, the ability to construct complex match strategies and detailed squad development that rivals the depth of many RPGs, this is a game that transcends any one genre in favour of a truly original gaming experience.

Manage your team like a red faced, bellowing, touchline coach, and turn your motley crew into a fighting, cheating, championship winning juggernaut. Play matches in a considered turn based fashion or get stuck into the action and cause havoc out on the pitch in real time. Deal with player contracts, haggle with sponsors, research the opposition, get your fans behind the team and then send your players out onto the hallowed turf with one thought on their mind. "Kill 'em all!"

Follow the link below to see the trailer.

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