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Channel 4 to broadcast TV and radio via PSP

Channel 4 is to offer radio and TV broadcasts to PlayStation Portable owners via wi-fi hotspots, according to <a type="int" href=",,9071-2528618,00.html">The Times</a>.

Channel 4 Radio has signed a new deal with wi-fi network operator The Cloud to offer news, music and Celebrity Big Brother updates to PlayStation Portable owners.

From today, users can sign up for a free two month trial which allows them to download 4Radio podcasts via The Cloud's network of 7500 wi-fi hotspots. On connecting to the PSP's Internet browser, users will automatically be directed to the landing page where they can click through to a Cloud/4Radio portal.

Available content will include Morning News, SlashMusic and highlights from the new series of Celebrity Big Brother, which begins tonight.

"Making 4Radio's content available on demand, on the go through The Cloud's WiFi network enables us to target listeners who want bold and mischievous radio programming but don't have time to tune in before they leave the house," commented Nathalie Schwarz, director of Channel 4 Radio.

"For the digitally savvy generation too much radio programming feels tired and formulaic. Becoming the first broadcaster to make radio content available wirelessly on PSPs will help 4Radio connect with a young, mobile audience making our programming easily available whenever and wherever they want."

According to some reports, Channel 4 also plans to make its TV programming available via PSP in the future. A spokesperson for the channel told that nothing has been confirmed so far, but did add, "This demonstrates our absolute conviction about the need to make our distinctive, high-quality content available to our audience wherever, whenever and on whatever device they want to watch it."

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