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ChangYou - TLBB

Fireworks show scheduled for tomorrow.

November 4 th, 2010 - has today announced the celebratory Fireworks display taking place on Friday 5 th of November, 2010 at 15:00 GMT, London on the TLBB EU Dragon server.

To mark the infamous Gunpowder Plot of 1605 and the origins of these vivid pyrotechnics that date as far back as 7 th century China, leading martial arts based MMO, TLBB, is offering players the chance to spark up some of the most dazzling firework items available from the token shop.

The game’s Emperor is also taking this opportunity to ward off any evil spirits by lighting up the skies of the ‘Dragon’ server during this one off TLBB Connect event.

“The latest expansion – ‘The Shadow Curse’ (v0.85) – has seen players battle it out against the deadly Jiang Shi and fight off the devious Shadow Master Ting who is said to still be lingering” said European Community Manager Michael D. ‘Sanzaburo’. “We’ll be helping out the Emperor on this special mission to see off any unwelcome spirits, whilst having plenty of fun with the range of fireworks available to players. Many of our European players might not know the story of Guy Fawkes but hopefully TLBB Connect this Friday should help shed some light on it. Literally. It will also be a chance for them to take part in our ghostly events, so there will plenty of evil spirits to get rid of”

TLBB’s Halloween events are currently underway with a number of unique pets available for capture including a Jiang Shi and Tutankhamun. Details of which can be found on the official TLBB website.

To join the TLBB Fireworks Show and details of how to redeem your firework items, visit  

For more info, please visit currently publishes TLBB and other games including Dragon Oath, Zentia and Blade Wars across the western market.  

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