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Eidos, one of the world's leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, announces a Sony PSP version of Championship Manager.

Developed by Gusto Games, Championship Manager PSP is a fully portable version of the best known football management simulation, and also boasts a wealth of new features.

Dealing with everything from transfers to training, tactics to tabloids, Championship Manager is the closest you'll get to real-life football.

PSP highlights include:

  • A realistic 2D match engine
  • 55 playable leagues across the top 12 footballing nations, including Europe, Asia and South America
  • 25,000 players from 100 nations
  • Exclusive PSP game modes, including Challenge mode and Quick-play 3 season mode
  • Live Cup Draws
  • Realistic manager options to influence your team tactics, and the match result
  • Fully interactive transfer system simulating modern day negotiations
  • Exclusive PSP skin and interface
  • Interactive Board and Backroom staff

Championship Manager PSP - carry the depth and detail of the whole world of football in the palm of your hand.

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