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Champions Online

Fifty closed beta keys being given away by Alltern8.

July 31 - Alltern8 (, the world’s first online publication, community and resource site built by and (and for) the consumer, announced that from now until August 6, fans have the opportunity to win one of 50 Closed Beta Keys for Champions Online, the premiere super heroic MMO, generously donated by Cryptic Studios.

Some key features of Champions Online include:

• Billions of character options, allowing for complete customization

• 900 story and mission drive quests, including public quests

• The much anticipated “Nemesis” feature, which provides players the opportunity to design the powers and the look of their ultimate foe

• Five major play zones within the hometown of Millennium City

• Multiple modes of travel including rocket propelled boots and backpacks, surfboarding, sneaky burrowing, flying, teleportation and the current favourite, “Swinging”

• Trading with resources to be used in the different professions, which currently include Science, Arms and Mysticism. Characters can use the upgrades created from these professions to change or empower their abilities.

For a chance to win one of 50 Closed Beta Keys, go to


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