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Has it still got legs?

Atari continues to bring its heritage of games up to date for the iPhone generation with news that Centipede has been re-designed and is now available via App Store priced at €3.99. Since its original launch in 1981, Centipede has been adapted to many platforms, and this original hit has now been re-vitalised for the revolutionary touch screen iPhone and iPod® touch multimedia devices.

Centipede is an evolution of the classic shoot ‘em up game in which the player blasts away at troublesome garden pests, featuring new graphics, colours and sound effects and 3 game modes. Nine new power-ups, power shots, multi-shots, DDT bombs, rapid fire and other helpful tools are yours to save the garden from invading insects, creepy crawlies and menacing mushrooms.

Centipede‘s innovative gameplay makes full use of the unique Multi Touch interface and features of the iPhone and iPod touch for immersive arcade action. Players control the shooting from the bottom of the screen with tight controls that make it easy to get into the game, even if it’s been a few years since playing the original.

Centipede has 3 game modes: Ultra, Arcade and Classic. In Classic mode, players can go back to their (garden) roots by revisiting the original Centipede universe, whereas Ultra mode is an upgraded version of the classic game with new graphics made possible by the hi-spec screen. Centipede includes 2-player support and players can listen to their own music collection during gameplay.

Here’s what some media are already saying about the new Centipede:

• IGN (Wireless): 8/10

"After the launch of the highly lauded Missile Command, Atari reboots another classic with Centipede, and now has one more hit it can add to its collection."

• TouchArcade :

“As anyone who’s played the original can attest, Centipede is quality arcade action. If that’s what you’re looking for, then don’t let this one pass you by – the iPhone translation is superb. The gameplay is frantic, the updated graphics are great, and the spacial stereo sound adds a level to the gameplay. It’s Atari’s best iPhone remake yet.”

Centipede is available for download exclusively via App Store priced at €3.99, and from early 2009 players will be able to upload their high scores and compare rankings on a global leader board. Centipede joins Missile Command and Super Breakout in the range of revamped Atari hits now available on App Store. For more information on Atari’s entire line up visit

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