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CEMG - Platypus in Space

Help the Platypus 'regain his reputation'.

São Paulo – 11 November 2010 - CEMG-Apps is proud to announce the release of its new application for iPhone: Platypus In Space.

A Platypus? What comes to your mind when you think about a Platypus? A duck?

A proof that God has a sense of humor?

Our Platypus was very sad about its reputation and decided that he wanted to make a difference! He put a rocket on his back and went to Space to face many obstacles and his enemy.

Tilt to move left, right, forward or backward and face the obstacles.

-       Blue Labyrinths: They can be very simple or hard to pass. Watch and observe the correct way and then go as fast as you can to make it.

-       Red Labyrinths: They have thorns that the Platypus must avoid.

-       Yellow Planets: Blocks Platypus’ way.

-       Accelerator: Increase Platypus’ speed.

-       Elastic: Blocks the way and throws Platypus in the opposite direction.

-       Box: It blocks Platypus. The user must shake the device to brake it.

-       Mysterious Door: There are three closed doors and only one will open in the last moment. Platypus must be fast to pass thru it.

-       Ice block: It blocks Platypus’ way. The user must touch the screen and scrub the ice block to melt the ice and make a passage.

-       Coruja: This is Platypus’ enemy. Platypus must avoid it to keep on going.

The game is integrated with Twitter and Facebook. The game also has a global score database that records global scores to increase the competition between users.

Platypus In Space for iPhone is available on the App Store for U$0.99 and there is also a free version for those who want to try before buying.

Link to the app:



CEMG Apps is a game developer based in São Paulo, Brazil. Carlos Eduardo Murrer Gomes founded it in 2010, focused on producing dynamic and innovative games for iPhone and iPad. After the release of You Got Punked and Platypus In Space. The studio is now working on two iPhone and iPad apps: Pig Curling, Platypus Arcade and Heineken Champions League. 

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