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Cement Tower

Wild Pockets-based 3D puzzler includes virtual currency system.

San Francisco, CA - Wild Pockets, the 3D game development platform created by Sim Ops Studios, today announced the availability of Cement Tower, the first game developed using the Wild Pockets platform that takes advantage of the company's virtual currency engine. Cement Tower is a 3D puzzle game that challenges you to stack blocks to construct a tower to the stars and "cement" your tower in place if it becomes unstable or to help you avoid floating bombs that can destroy your tower.

Wild Pockets’ business model is based partially on sharing revenue with developers. The company will keep a small portion of all transactions that occur in any game developed on the Wild Pockets platform and pass the rest to the game’s developers. The virtual currency system includes the ability to monetize any game or game asset.

The Wild Pockets virtual currency system collects money from transactions through Paypal, Visa, MC, AMEX or Discover for as little as $3. Three dollars is equal to 3,000 Wild Pockets Coins and game developers charge gamers by the coin for access to certain elements of a game. For example, the first level of the Cement Tower game is free, additional levels can be purchased for 1,000 coins or $1.


The Wild Pockets 3D game development platform is totally open and completely free to use - very different from packaged game engines that are typically closed and expensive. The Wild Pockets platform is hosted and gives developers everything they need to build their games including easy distribution with embed links, monetization with Wild Pockets Virtual currency, and use of a content Builder that can be accessed from almost any browser. The open environment enables collaboration among developers, which drives innovation and speeds time to market. Wild Pockets is currently in Beta with over 3,000 registered developers.

The Cement Tower development team was formed at the Wild Pockets Bay Area Game Jam, which took place on the Microsoft Silicon Valley campus in April 2009. The same team created Lava Ball, which won first place at the event.

Following the Game Jam, the development team continued working and added 40 new levels to Cement Tower. The flexibility of the Wild Pockets development platform will enable the Cement Tower team to perfect and optimize the game’s features based on player feedback.


Daniel Bryner

*Creative Development Associate at Disney Interactive Studios, 2006

*Masters of Entertainment Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, 2007

*Designer on Polarity, IGF Student Showcase Winner and one of the Top 10 Indie Games of 2008.

Bradley Johnson

*B.S. in Computer science, University of Puget Sound

*Games tester, lucasArts. Titles include: KOTOR, Wrath Unleashed, Star Wars Galaxies

Chris Webb

*Bachelor of Fine Arts in 3D Modeling at the Academy of Art University, SF

*Contract Environment Artist at Visual Concepts/2K Games, credited on Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, 2007


Cement Tower was created by a team of independent developers: Daniel Bryner (design), Brad Johnson (programming), and Chris Webb (art). The team created its first Wild Pockets game, Lava Ball ( http://wildpockets.com/lavaball), then decided to expand the team's prototype of Cement Tower. Cement Tower is being demonstrated by Wild Pockets in the Microsoft Booth at DEMOfall 09 and can be found at http://www.cementtower.com.


Wild Pockets is a platform to create 3D games for the Web. Wild Pockets is used by independent developers as well as large studios looking for a fast, powerful development environment to create immersive 3D games. A spin-off from Carnegie Melon University, founder and CEO Shanna Tellerman and a team of engineers and game developers, created the Wild Pockets platform to simplify the creation and delivery of 3D content through a Web browser. Wild Pockets/Sim Ops won the DEMOfall 08 DEMOgod award and is demonstrating its platform in the Microsoft booth at DEMOfall 09.

Wild Pockets is headquartered in San Francisco, CA with development offices in Pittsburgh, PA. http://www.wildpockets.com.

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