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Could be yours today for $14.99.

LOS ANGELES, CA – September 30, 2008 – Faramix Enterprises debut title CellZenith is available on Direct2Drive and GamersGate Today! Play through our fast-paced action-packed shooter CellZenith and save the universe from imminent destruction! CellZenith is available for a limited time price of $14.99

CellZenith can be purchased from:

Direct2Drive at ----

GamersGate at ----

Gamer’s Daily News – 9/10 and winner of GDN’s ‘Gold Award’!

• “The gold award is based on an overall score of 9.0 or higher (10 being our top score) and is not often given out”

• “It’s a winner! It is a fast-paced, action-packed game with lots to offer the player”

• “I really got into this to a point where I was playing it into the early hours of the morning without noticing the passage of time”

Ricci Rukavina - President of Loose Cannon Studios (Former Creative Director at Vivendi Games)

• "CellZenith represents guerilla game-making at its best. With a very small agile team of passionate gamers, Faramix have delivered a title that puts gameplay first yet delivers on outstanding visuals and replayability”

Josh Sharp – The Gamers Garage

• “CellZenith is a sci-fi shooter with an old school feel that looks and feels like Geometry Wars on steroids”

• “For a $20 price, you get a lot of bang for the buck”


• 35 different CELs (ships)

• 30 Campaign levels

• 4 Addicting Minigames

• 14 Instant Action maps

• 15 powerups

• 19 secondary weapons

• 5 Adjustable difficulties (Easy - Expert)

• 6 intense boss battles

• Control friendly CEL’s to gain a tactical advantage

• Destructible environments

• Interactive environment

• Dynamic Weather

• Ability to upgrade main CEL

Story Synopsis:

Long into the future, the catastrophic Lunar War began over the ownership of the moon’s valuable colonies and starship fuel. At the end of the war, it was agreed upon that the CEL attack ships used would be deactivated and placed on CellZenith, an uninhabited station on Neptune. The Lunar Colony was created to oversee the deactivation of the CEL’s and control the distribution of the depleting starship fuel. On the final transportation of the CEL’s - the transportation cargo ship is shot down by an unknown source. Thankfully, the team was on the planet’s surface but now has no way home. It will be 2 months before a new transport ship arrives and with the CELs now mysteriously activated, it becomes a fight for survival to uncover the mystery of who is behind these attacks.

Gameplay Description:

Expect to experience heated, close-up engagements where survival will seem like a distant dream. You lead a team of unique CEL units along with a larger, more powerful Carrier CEL (which can be boarded and piloted). Strategically picking your units before each battle will give you a tactical advantage over the enemy. CellZenith' vast levels will include objective tasks all while engaging an onslaught of fierce enemies. Your CEL has the ability to move in any direction while simultaneously shooting in another and can seamlessly change to a circle strafing mode, giving you a greater advantage while in combat.

CellZenith features a campaign mode where you will engage in 30 different story-driven levels to seek out and defeat the unknown force and escape back to Earth. Also included are 14 Instant action maps and four highly addictive minigames.

About Faramix Enterprises

Faramix Enterprises is a new and upcoming video game developer formed around the creation of new Intellectual Properties. Faramix is heavily focused on not only creating groundbreaking IP’s, but placing the highest quality into each of their titles down to the smallest detail. Faramix is development studio based in the Los Angeles area.


Michael Dehen

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