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Celebrations as smashes expectations

Fledgling auction portal hits 3000 auctions as rare game sells for £700!

24/08/05 - Fast growing videogames auction website, (VGA) is celebrating the news that within two months since publicly launching, the site has already successfully hosted 3000 gaming auctions from across the globe.

Since June 14th 2005 - the UK-based auction portal has had over 55,000 visits from gamers across the world, notching up an eye-watering 2,400,000 page views. The figures mean that thousands of gamers are visiting the site, alongside the growing number of members currently signed up.

Thanks to the support of VGA's growing membership of hardcore gamers, the site is fast turning into a videogaming Aladdin's cave, where rare, even unheard of gaming items are not competing with copies of GTA: San Andreas and Fifa 2005 for the buyers attention. Recently, a UK trader sold Darxide - one of the final releases for Sega's failed Megadrive 32X for an astounding £700 to a collector in the Middle East.

Other specialist collector's items also listed on the site have included a Nintendo Famicom Station, the Virtual Boy and rare Pinball Tables. Also on VGA, US gaming enthusiast Strider, known to the gaming community for his fantastic feats of custom video game hardware engineering, has listed his fantastic one-off Atari Jaguar and Sega Dreamcast handhelds

Steve Lucas is Proprietor of

"We've been taken aback by the level of support and positive word-of-mouth that gamers across the globe are giving VGA. From a standing start in July, we are almost at 1000 members. These are gamers who visit VGA on a regular basis and are already trading successfully through our site.

"With our strong anti-piracy stance and helpful support to our members, VGA is becoming a hub for hardcore videogame fans and collector's across the globe, and with sales of rare gaming items already reaching upwards of £700, VGA is the place to buy and sell hard-to-find goods."

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About Video Game Auctions is a brand-new online auction portal planning to revolutionise the state of online videogame auctions. Tired of seeing copies of games incorrectly listed as 'ultra rare' or the increasing number of bootlegs and pirated goods - VGA tackles games auctions in a new way, with a raft of value added listings and a competitive pricing structure.

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