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CDV Software Entertainment appoints new CEO

CDV Software Entertainment has announced the appointment of Tom Gross as president and CEO of the publisher's North American subsidiary.

Gross has worked in the games industry for more than a decade, with previous roles including VP of sales at Atari and VP of business development at Ditan Distribution.

CDV has also appointed Mario Kroll as director of PR and marketing for North America. Kroll is the founder of online gaming site and has previously worked for CDV in the role of consultant.

"We are dedicated as a global company to expand on our successes in North America and have taken a number of steps to make our titles more accessible and attractive to audiences in the United States and Canada," said Gross.

Kroll added: "Through improved collaboration with our German headquarters and with our developer studios throughout Europe and Russia, we have been able to positively influence and contribute to everything from game concept and design to coordinated global product promotion."

"As a result, we are very excited not only about the expansion of our enhanced legacy brands, but also our upcoming new titles."

CDV's main headquarters are located in Karlsruhe, Germany. The publisher is best known for titles such as Codename: Panzers, Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars and the Blitzkrieg series, and forthcoming CDV games include Hammer & Sickle and War Front: Turning Point.

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