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CD Projekt: The Witcher – see new at Games Convention

WARSAW, POLAND - July 25, 2005

The representatives of the CD Projekt Company will exhibit at Games Convention 2005 Leipzig, Germany. The exhibition will run on August 17-21.

The Witcher - RPG Redefined:

"He brought some kind of a dragon for sale, such a cross between a spider and a crocodile. People thought him to be a witcher.

"What is a witcher?" asked Fifteen, the naked one. "Eh? Civril?"

"A hired witch," answered the half-elf. "A trickster for a handful of silver coins. Told you he was a prank of mother nature.

An abhorrence in the eyes of gods and people. Such as him should be burnt."

This is the whole climate of The Witcher game. Based on the Aurora engine from BioWare allows bring lot of solutions used in other RPG games. An amalgam between visual stunning, fast-paced action and immensely deep and intriguing storyline will bring new quality of RPG gaming. Game has it all: violence, stimulants, dirty language and eroticism, and is targeted for older players. Every one will be able to find something that he likes and what builds up the dark world - world of The Witcher.

Therefore CD Projekt is proudly to invite to The Witcher presentations.

Presentations will take place on CD Projekt booth at the Games Convention Developers Village, Hall 2 / Stand G-70 and there is possibility to reserve one hour of time for the whole seminar. In exchange CD Projekt offer professional presentation (with 4 members of our development team) combined with real time presentation of different game aspects, while playing the game. It is worth to mention, that for the first time will be presented combat elements connected with the storyline. CD Projekt took pains to provide their guests with more comfortable conditions (cold beer, refreshments and cozy chairs provided). It is worth to mention that the presentation will be closed and intended only for a small group of media representatives with previously arranged appointments.

If you are interested in the presentation would like to take this opportunity to meet the Team, please contact CD Projekt regarding specific timing and arrangements. CD Projekt Team is available at email gc@thewitcher.com .

Media Contact:

Joanna Kobylecka, PR Specialist

CD Projekt Sp. z o. o.

Jagiellonska 74,

03-301 Warszawa, POLAND

Phone: +48 22 / 519 69 43

Fax: +48 22 / 519 69 01

e-mail: gc@thewitcher.com

Internet: http://www.thewitcher.com


About The Witcher

"The Witcher" is an action-oriented RPG for PC platform that uses a new version of BioWare's Aurora Engine. It combines spectacular and visually stunning action with deep and intriguing storyline.

"The Witcher looks like it could be the best traditional RPG to hit the PC since Baldur's Gate 2"

- Firing Squad

"The Witcher looks like a beautiful 3D action game"

- Gamespot

"This fantastic looking game might truly be an "RPG Redefined."

- warcry.com

"There is reason to get excited about this new RPG."

- Gamespy

More on the www.thewitcher.com

About CD Projekt

Founded in 1994, CD Projekt is the biggest Polish game distributor (according to Newsweek magazine). The company also has an office in Prague, which is responsible for the Czech and Slovak market. Among gamers CD Projekt is known mainly because of the very high quality of their Polish and Czech game localisations as well as the company's specialisation in publishing Role Playing Games (CD Projekt was the Polish distributor of games such as Baldur's Gate, Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale, Diablo, Gothic, Neverwinter Nights, Morrowind, Temple of Elemental Evil and many others). In 2003 and 2004 Puls Biznesu newspaper named CD Projekt as one of the most dynamic companies in Poland and it was also awarded the best distributor accolade (for the 2nd time in a row) by the biggest Polish games internet website (gry.wp.pl). Since September 2003 the CD Projekt development team has been working on its first project: The Witcher. More information about are on the www.cdprojekt.com

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