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CCT Game Calendar 2006 revealed!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005, Kraków

"This is an exciting project! I applaud any effort that promotes the artistic merit, and beauty, of video games. Game artists deserve every ounce of exposure and adulation that they can get."

Jason Della Rocca

Executive Director, International Game Developers Association

"Though Video Game Concept Art is now on par with Film, Comic, and other Entertainment Media, it has a flavor and style all its own. I support any endeavor that shows the artistic and creative talents of the Developers who make the games we love to play."

Jason Rubin

Famous game designer, father of Crash Bandicoot and Jak&Daxter brands, Morgan Rose

"These sorts of efforts are critical in helping the world understand the actual art that goes into the production of video games. Check out the website and make sure to grab the calendar when it is released."

American McGee

Famous game designer, The Mauretania Import Export Company

The CCT Game Calendar 2006 is the first artistic calendar connected with video games. It is a big, luxurious published wall calendar containing twelve unique artworks from games that have recently been published, or still being in production.

Borne as private initiative of Polish gamer and video game reviewer Peter 'cct' Bielatowicz, and inspired by the Pirelli Calendar, this project aims to create something that will be able to affect non-gamers' consciousness of video game industry, and became a significant event within this branch. As a person fascinated with global popular culture and the fine arts as well, I also want to show that video games can merge them both. I believe that this calendar will be a proof to the rest of the world that also within the game industry those who work are not only craftsmen, but also artists.

Because of its charitable character, it can not only change the stereotypical image of both gamers and developers by showing to the world that the game industry wants to disinterestly help, but also to aid our beneficiary. Most of the profit made on this calendar will be handed over to the Józef Tischner Fund of Home Hospice for Children.

After a few months of the selection process, 12 artworks were chosen from the following games:

  • HoopWorld - An Exclusive Artwork [Xbox360] from Streamline Studios published by Microsoft
  • Raid over the River - An Exclusive Artwork [Revo] from NIBRIS, publisher TBA
  • Demon Stone [PS2, PC, Xbox] from Stormfront Studios published by Atari
  • Ufo: Aftershock - An Exclusive Artwork [PC, Xbox] from ALTAR interactive published by Cenega
  • Dark Age of Camelot Epic Edition - Exclusive Artwork [PC] from Mythic Entertainment published by Mythic Entertainment
  • The Witcher - An Exclusive Artwork [PC] from CD Projekt RED, publisher TBA
  • Dragonshard [PC] from Liquid Entertainment published by Atari
  • Gothic 3 [PC] from Piranha Bytes published by Jowood
  • Alone in the Dark [Xbox360] from Eden Studios published by Atari
  • Rouge Lords - An Exclusive Artwork [mobile] from Breakpoint published by Breakpoint
  • Underworld Tournament - An Exclusive Artwork [PC] from Xibalba Studios, publisher TBA
  • Black Mirror [PC] from Future Games published by Future Games

Previews of the chosen images along with the sample page can be viewed at the project main website - cctgamecalendar.com.

The calendar will be limited to only 5 000 copies worldwide and will be able to purchase only in pre-sell at the project's website at the price 50 USD + shipping.

For further information please visit http://cctgamecalendar.com

Press contact:

Peter Bielatowicz (peter@cctgamecalendar.com)

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