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Guide Joe and Friends on a Quest to Lift the "Eternal Curse" by Collecting the Stolen Gems


London - January 5, 2005 - IN-FUSIO invites UK gamers to boomerang baddies in its latest single-player arcade platform game, Boomerang Joe, which is available to download now from www.orange.co.uk. Players undertake an intriguing quest to retrieve four stolen gems, taken from the crown of Atlantes, so they can lift an evil curse and save the world. But along the way they'll come up against an array of enemies.

Boomerang Joe gives players the choice of playing the game with one of three characters Joe, Morgan or Split the monkey, each of whom has different strengths - Joe is extremely strong, Morgan has great agility while Split has super-quick reactions. Of course players are armed with a unique weapon, a boomerang, which can be used against multiple foes to pick up "combos".

As players do battle with their chosen character from platform to platform they face an array of daunting enemies including the terrible Mecha Guardians as well as a hoard of pirates. When players complete a "world" they are rewarded with one of the gems.

IN-FUSIO Games Portfolio Manager Matthieu Saint-Denis said: "Boomerang Joe is a classic adventure game built on the platform format. Players choose their favourite character with their own set of unique skills. The release of Boomerang Joe demonstrates IN-FUSIO's commitment to produce the highest quality mobile games for UK gamers."


4 - Move Left

6 - Move Right

5 - Throw Boomerang, or confirm selection in menus

8 - Down

2 - Jump

1 - Diagonal Jump - Push twice for double jump

3 - Diagonal Jump - Push twice for double jump

Boomerang Joe is available on the following handsets

Alcatel OT735, Panasonic GD87, Panasonic X70, Philips Fisio 350, Philips Fisio 530, Philips Fisio 535, Philips 855, Philips 355, Philips 636, Philips 755, Philips Xenium Color, Sagem myG5, Sagem myX3-2, Sagem myX-6


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IN-FUSIO's statistics:

71 Wireless carriers offer IN-FUSIO's games worldwide

15,000,000 game downloads since July 2001

1,000,000 downloads per month

Every 4 seconds an IN-FUSIO game is downloaded

For more information, please visit the IN-FUSIO website at www.in-fusio.com.

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