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Cat Games hits two million players for online titles

Tottenham-based developer Cat Games has announced that it now has over two million players registered for its online sports management games - with ten thousand new players signing up each week.

The firm, which self-publishes its range of online titles, operates a number of sports management games covering sports including soccer, ice hockey and baseball, and has partnerships with key brands such as Sky Sports, the NHL, Major League Baseball, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea.

The two millionth registration was a player for Senior League Hockey, the company's ice hockey management game which is run in association with the National Hockey League (NHL).

However, the company's most successful product continues to be Sunday League, the biggest online football management title in the world, which boasts over 1.3 million players.

Cat Games' revenue stream comes not from subscriptions - the cartoon-style games are free to play - but from the sale of in-game options, which can be bought using credit cards or premium SMS payments.

The firm plans to launch a new sports game in partnership with a leading brand in 2005, along with a music game which the company describes as "ground breaking".

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