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Casual Connect Europe 2009

cerasus.media to attend, complete with new logo.

Berlin. cerasus.media, a developer of casual games, is delighted to arrive at the Casual Connect in Hamburg with a new CI and a new logo. At the same time the Berliners have announced the release of several new games over the next six months.

At www.cerasus-media.com, anyone interested in these projects can have a sneak preview of what will officially be revealed at the Hamburg conference, which takes place from February, 10th - 12th. The seven-minutes-long trailer, which will also be shown at the shared booth with rondomedia and astragon in Hall G, shows early prototype images from the new construction simulation “City Planner: Beach Resort” and the comprehensive 50-game collection for NDS “Classic Games - The Premium Selection”. The film is modeled on the American Apple commercials that satirize the differences between the Mac and the PC and always begin with “I’m a Mac” - “I’m a PC”. cerasus additionally brings in the remaining gaming-platforms and points out that in the mean time, Casual Games are at home everywhere.

The aim of the campaign is to acquire international distribution partners for new products in the areas of download and retail and to repeat past success, in which cerasus.media could note a growth in sales of 290 percent.

Holger Neitsch, Project Manager of City Planner: Beach Resort confidently reports: “We are sure that this game will define a new standard in the area of Casual Simulations. The cutting-edge Gameplay features many innovations, and fans of Time-Management games will have fun too.”

Christian Baumgarten considers himself responsible for the Hidden-Object game Ancient Spirits – The Forgotten Bay: “In comparison to our Mystery Stories-series, we are becoming clearly more focused on adventure, without losing the roots of the Hidden-Object gameplay. Our aims and expectations for the new title are more than ambitious.”

In order to be prepared for 2009, cerasus.media has taken on further recruitment: Christoph Klesser produces “Cradle of Egypt DS”, the successor to the previous year’s successful “Cradle of Rome DS”.




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cerasus.media has been planning and developing casual games, kids games and infotainment products for over eight years. We cover PC, MAC , Nintendo DS , Wii and iPhone. The preoccupation of our Berlin office lies with game design, project management and quality assurance while our programming and graphic studios are located in Eastern Europe and Asia. Our titles are available for international publishing deals for both the retail and the download market. Nearly all of them are provided in more than five languages.


cerasus.media GmbH

Ostseestrasse 109, 10409 Berlin, Germany

Telefon: 030 / 80 20 8 999 0

Stefan Jülke, sj@cerasus.de


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