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Castle Vox

Given an update.

Castle Vox is a new PC strategy game inspired by the board games Risk, Diplomacy, and Axis & Allies. Conquer all the enemy Castles to win! The game is available for download now.

The free demo download includes a Tutorial map, a Hex Barons medieval kings map, and a World War 2 - Axis vs Allies modern map.

$14 gets you access to over 40 more hand-crafted maps including the American Civil War, the Hundred Years War, Napoleon, and the Roman Empire.

Castle Vox includes a Map Editor that players can use to create their own Geographic and Hex maps.

Play online multi-player games with once-a-day moves, or fast online skirmishes. Team-chat lets you collaborate in team scenarios.

Achievements track your progress through the different wars. Impressive rank titles accompany your advances.

Castle Vox was an official selection in the 2010 IndieCade Festival in October, recognizing interesting indie games. Sillysoft has updated the game to version 1.12 since then. A fun world domination game and map editor await all who download Castle Vox.

Castle Vox website:

Map web screenshots:

Hi-res screenshot download:

About Sillysoft Games:

Sillysoft is a virtual indie studio spanning the US and Canada. They created the Lux Touch and Lux Delux series of Risk inspired world domination games.

Contact for a review copy of Castle Vox.

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