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Castle of Magic

Transform into an array of beaties using magical iPhone powers.

Gameloft has today announced the availability of Castle of Magic for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Newcomers to the game can master numerous magical powers, transform into different forms - from a flying insect to a swordfish in order to complete these fantastical missions.

Stand up to the wildest magical monsters in environments that directly influence your movement. Use the various metamorphosis powers to transform and attack your enemies, navigate the universe, and interact with environments that will make you stick, slide, sink, swim, levitate, and even walk on the ceiling when gravity disappears! Try your luck at the five magical worlds, facing five different bosses filled with crazy monsters to overcome and bonuses to collect

Be prepared for anything as you try to save your friend from the clutches of the horrifying magician Nefastax! Ready to dive into the adventure of Castle of Magic?

For more information or to try your hand at some magic, please contact

+44 (0) 208 752 3200

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