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Castle of Heroes

"Rise of the Guilds" expansion goes live today.

Press release

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Dublin, Ireland – November 30th, 2010 – Gala Networks Europe, the leading free-to-play games publisher that operates the http://www.gPotato.eu portal, is delighted to announce the launch of a new expansion for Castle of Heroes, its free strategy browser game. Titled Rise of the Guilds, the new content brings a host of enhancements and will go live this afternoon in English, French, German, Polish and Italian at http://heroes.gpotato.eu.

Rise of the Guilds introduces many new features, such as the grafting and forging systems, opening up huge potential to upgrade in-game items. Players can increase the basic physical attributes on their precious equipment, or even move physical and magical attributes from one weapon and armour to another.

Also new to Castle Of Heroes is the Personal Ranking Battle PVP system, which allows all players to prove their skills and challenge other heroes. Further to that, players can create an exact copy of their hero to fight Personal Rank Battles, while the original hero performs in the regular game. More customisation, optimisation and specialisation comes with the Refugee Camp, which gives all players the opportunity to exchange their army with units from other playable races in Castle Of Heroes.

Last but by no means least, guilds are also getting a range of enhancements and improvements with Rise of the Guilds. New buildings including a university, a mercenary camp and guild houses will be available to further enhance hero stats for guild members. Additionally guilds can now participate in exciting and challenging guild instances, to get more experience and resources.

To celebrate the launch of the Rise of the Guilds expansion, the Castle of Heroes team has prepared many different events in the upcoming weeks, each one featuring great rewards for participants. Players can show their creativity and imagination in the ‘Build Your Castle’ event. For all guild members and their masters we have prepared a "Guild Buildings" event where all guild members will work together to earn guild rewards. Players that prefer fighting rather than painting should take part in the ‘Super-Hero’ event, where they must challenge a powerful hero in order to win great prizes like Dwarven Coins.

Castle of Heroes is completely free to play in any PC or Mac Internet browser, without any downloads. Players must simply register at the official website at http://heroes.gpotato.eu or log in with an existing gPotato.eu account to start playing within seconds.

All detailed information on Castle of Heroes can be found at http://heroes.gPotato.eu.

About Castle of Heroes

Castle of Heroes is a massively multiplayer browser-based strategy game developed by Snail Game and published in its English, French, German and Polish versions by Gala Networks Europe on the gPotato.eu games portal. Bringing together the best elements of strategy, RPG and management, the game allows users to build and expand their realm within a large and living fantasy world. Castle of Heroes is available for free and with no download required for PC and Mac on http://heroes.gpotato.eu.

About Gala Networks Europe Ltd. & gPotato.eu

Gala Networks Europe Ltd. is a leading European free-to-play online games publisher. It operates the gPotato brand in Europe by hosting, publishing and distributing free online games through the www.gPotato.eu portal. Established in Dublin, Ireland in 2006, it operates a portfolio of MMORPGs including Flyff, Rappelz, Street Gears, Dragonica, Allods Online, Castle of Heroes, Canaan Online and Terra Militaris. The gPotato.eu portal is now a major destination for online gamers with over 5 million users. Terra Militaris, a historical real-time browser based game will be available by the end of 2010 and the martial-arts MMORPG Age of Wulin will be released in 2011. Further information on the company can be found at http://www.gala-net.eu.

About Snail Game

Suzhou Snail Electronic Co., Ltd. (Snail Game), founded in 2000, is one of the earliest and leading 3D online game developers in China. Snail Game has successfully developed and operated online games: Voyage Century, Age of Armor, 5 Street, The Chosen and Castle of Heroes, with more to come. These games have been distributed to more than 20 countries worldwide where they enjoy an amazing success.

Here you can also find information on Castle of Heroes:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CastleofHeroesEN

Twitter: http://twitter.com/CoH_en

YouTube: www.youtube.com/castleofheroes

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