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Castle of Heroes

Browser-based strategy RPG enters closed beta.

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Dublin, Ireland – 13th of November 2009. Gala Networks Europe, one of Europe’s leading free-to-play online games publishers, is happy to announce the release of the upcoming browser-based strategy RPG “ Castle of Heroes” in December 2009. Developed by Chinese developers Snail Game, it brings together the best elements of RPG, Strategy and Management games in a browser with high-quality flash graphics. Castle of Heroes will bring a brand new gaming experience to European players without requiring any download or subscription fees.

Inspired by successful games such as Heroes of Might & Magic, Castle of Heroes asks players to decide of the fate of their realm in a huge and living fantasy world. Once players have chosen their race from Human, Elf, Orc or Undead, they are put in control of their first Castle. From here, they will have to develop it to gain access to new units, heroes and skills. Once they’ve gathered a small army, Heroes, acting as generals, can start exploring the world around their castle. Plentiful resources await players who can get past the ferocious monsters guarding them, and heroes can explore the four corners of the world to gain experience and recover long-lost artefacts.

In addition to extensive management and exploration available to players, Castle of Heroes also gives players a variety of ways to fight each other. Armies can fight each other during large-scale conquest campaigns, participate in Guild Wars, or fight for fame and rewards in the “friendly” PvP Arena mode. Membership in a Guild adds many Guild Quests and brings a new level of complexity to the game through diplomacy and alliances, backstabbing and treachery.

Castle of Heroes will be available through the games portal with no download or subscription fee required. To play the game, users will only have to login to the official website using their favourite PC or Mac web-browser, and jump into the game in seconds! More information about the game will soon be available on and the trailer can be found at .

- About Castle of Heroes –

Castle of Heroes is a massively multiplayer browser-based strategy game developed by Snail Game and published in its English, French, German and Polish versions by Gala Networks Europe on the games portal. Bringing together the best elements of strategy, RPG and management, the game allows users to build and expand their realm within a large and living fantasy world. Castle of Heroes will be available in December 2009 on Mac and PC, with no download required and for free on

- About Gala Networks Europe Ltd. & -

Gala Networks Europe Ltd. is a leading European free-to-play online games publisher. Gala Networks Europe operates the gPotato brand in Europe by hosting, publishing and distributing free online games via the portal. Established in Dublin, Ireland in 2006, it operates a portfolio of MMORPG including Flyff, Rappelz, Street Gears, Dragonica and Allods Online. The portal is now a major destination for online gamers with over 2,000,000 users. Allods Online, the fifth game of the portal, will be available in autumn 2009. Canaan Online and Castle of Heroes will be available next winter while "Project 9" will be released in 2010.

- About Snail Game -

Suzhou Snail Electronic Co., Ltd. (Snail Game), founded in 2000, is one of the earliest and leading 3D online game developers in China. Snail Game has successfully developed and operated online games: Voyage Century, Age of Armor, 5 Street, The Chosen and Castle of Heroes, with more to come. These games have been distributed to more than 20 countries worldwide where they enjoy an amazing success.

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